9 essential steps to lead management in a gym

Lead management is a complex process and a problem for many companies. You need to be able to effectively capture, identify, nurture and convert potential customers. Do you want to know how to do it? We give you the 9 key steps to create an effective lead management system!

What is a lead management process?

It is the process of attracting and managing leads so that you don’t lose them. It is the way to convert strangers into paying members and generate revenue.

Why is it important to have a lead management process in your gym?

In the right hands, lead management is a well-oiled machine. But, without a system in place, it is easy to invest resources in low quality leads or even lose leads due to lack of contact and follow-up.  

1- You grow your gym

For a business to grow, it needs a steady revenue stream. While your member retention strategy focuses on retaining members for the long term, your sales plan will bring in new members and allow you to grow. In addition, a smart marketing strategy tailored to your target audience will attract new users and keep your sales pipeline full of potential customers. *If you want to know more about how to get the most out of your gym, you will be interested in this article: How to make a successful box?  

2- You manage time efficiently

The lead qualification process allows you to determine who you need to contact and where they are in the sales process. By tracking and qualifying leads, you can manage your time efficiently and ultimately close more sales.  

3- You increase your gym’s revenue

Lead nurturing is a key part of the process. Statistics show that companies that nurture leads increase sales by 50% with 33% lower costs. Most of the time, a customer is not ready to sell until further down the sales funnel. Without proper lead management, you could lose a lot of sales due to lack of organisation. *To set financial targets, you first need to know where your facility stands. This article will help you: 5 benefits of analysing the KPIs of your box or gym.  

4- You boost the user experience at your gym

Good lead generation puts the customer experience as the number one priority. Often, a lack of emotional connection and immediate response negatively affects lead generation. When support is not offered across multiple platforms, potential customers can become discouraged. By creating a customer-focused sales strategy, you can boost the overall customer experience. This elevates every interaction a potential customer has with you and increases your user retention at the same time. *Getting users to have a good experience in your centre is not always easy. That’s why this article will interest you: 5 keys to customer experience applied to a crosstraining box.  

9 essential steps to create an efficient lead management process in your gym

An efficient lead management process is essential for the growth of your gym, the acquisition of customers and the effective closing of sales. Here are 9 steps to create an effective lead management system and start converting more.  

1- Design your gym’s sales process

Start by mapping out your entire sales process. Identify the stages and departments that a prospect must go through to become a customer. Think about who you will need to talk to and who is responsible for each stage of the sales process. There must be a clear system in which the lead passes from the marketing team to the sales team.    

2- Capture leads for your gym

Some people will visit your website or your social networks and that doesn’t necessarily mean they will become users of your gym. You need to determine who those people might be by defining your ideal customer. And no, don’t be afraid to create several ideal clients. In a gym there are a variety of user profiles. Effective lead generation will capture leads and allow your sales team to convert more clients in less time. Content marketing, email marketing, social media or referral programmes can help you generate more leads.  

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3- Organise your leads

The organisation of your leads is a fundamental part. To keep track, you need to organise your leads, prospects and customers. Using a lead management software is an important element to organise your sales system. *We have a software that doesn’t work badly at all wink Ask for a demo and see what we can do for your centre. *Resawod tip: another good way to organise your prospects is to eliminate duplicate data, assign customers to people and get more details as you have more contact with them.  

4- Implement a lead scoring system in your gym

A lead scoring system helps you score leads and identify who is ready to move forward. To implement a system, you assign a value to each person who has taken a specific action. For example, a person who has subscribed to your newsletter and attended one of your classes will have a higher score than someone who has interacted with you on social media. The overall score will tell you where the lead is in the nurturing process.  

5- Assign all leads to someone

No matter where the leads are in the customer journey, they must be assigned to someone. Lead distribution is crucial to developing relationships and nurturing leads. Before you can manage a lead, you need to assign it to a salesperson so that it can be guided through the sales funnel.  

6- Follow up your gym’s potential customers

Get as much information as you can, it’s as simple as that. A clear lead generation strategy will improve your chances of attracting people who are a good fit for your services and your brand. By tracking everything, you can get more information about each part of the sales funnel. Tracking progress and the customer journey can help you identify weak points.  

7- Automate your gym’s lead management process

All gyms can use automation to warm up leads and convert them into qualified customers. You can use marketing automation to deliver personalised email campaigns, collect referrals from existing customers and keep in touch with them. *Resawod tip: automate processes, but don’t forget to personalise them, make your leads feel special.  

8- Nurture your leads

Often, the vast majority of leads are not ready to sell after the first interaction. You need to nurture them to convert them into new members. Answering their questions, communicating the value of your services and creating human connections are key parts of the nurturing stage. This stage is your opportunity to provide value. By scoring each lead, understanding your customer base and increasing the loyalty of the users you already have, you can nurture leads more effectively.  

9- Review and refine your gym management process

A lead management system is something that can evolve. By capturing and tracking data, you can continue to refine the process. Lead generation is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting more sales. The process is complex and doesn’t always get it right first time. But you can refine it as you become more experienced and improve your overall lead generation journey.  

Now that you know the 9 essential steps in a lead management programme, answer these questions: Does your gym have a programme like this? What are its steps? Would you say they are optimised and up to date? If you are unclear about these questions or if you think you could get more out of your box, let us give you a hand – ask for a demo!

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