Virginia Finol y Christelle El Debs Crossfit Games 2021

Crossfit Games 2021 Final: where and when to watch our sponsored athletes.

Esther Saiz 21/07/2021

This Crossfit Games 2021 final couldn’t start better for Resawod. Virginia Finol, the wife of our Head of Design, Ricardo Gil, will compete in the Women’s 40 – 44 years old division. Do you want to know more about Virginia? Check out the interview we did before she started her adventure. We will also be […]

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Virginia Finol Crossfit Games 2021

Interview with Virginia Finol, Crossfit Games 2021 master athlete

Esther Saiz 08/07/2021

Qualifying for big competitions is nothing new for Virginia Finol. But qualifying for the 2021 Crossfit Games is something that not even she had imagined. Ahead there are many days of airplanes, nerves, and training. Today, counting the hours to travel to Cancun, the first stop on this adventure, we interview this great athlete. Virginia […]

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become crossfit coach

Do you want to be a Crossfit coach? 4 fundamental aspects to consider

Silvia Salinas 28/06/2021

Let me guess. You have been practicing Crossfit for a long time and you have become a fan of the sport. You enjoy each WOD so much that you can’t last another day without sharing this passion and everything you know about CrossFit with others. I know. With this guide we are going to guide […]

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CrossFit Games 2020 Wods

CrossFit Games 2020: The event WODs guide

Silvia Salinas 22/06/2021

The year 2020 has been surprising to say the least, but the CrossFit Games 2020 were up to the task. They adapted modalities and WODs to the online world. They changed the format of some of their exercises. But they did it without losing their essence, the one that hooks us all crossfitters: the hardness […]

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gym and fitness industry trends 2021

10 New trends in the world of fitness and gyms

Silvia Salinas 25/05/2021

COVID has changed our lives, and some of those changes have become unstoppable trends that continue to grow today. In this article we are going to see the ten trends that are sweeping the world of gyms and fitness, do you want to know what they are? Keep reading! 1- GYM OR HYBRID FITNESS CENTER […]

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