Fixed monthly fee

We don’t charge for new functions, or change you per member or how big your gym is.

We offer an “unlimited plan”, where you pay your fee and use the app as much as you like.

No fixed contract. You can also change your plan, add more modules or cancel your plan if you’re not satisfied.

*€50/year Customer support and obligatory updates for all plans

*€50/year Customer support and obligatory updates for all plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What are…

... Marketing Tools?

Send notifications to your users directly via the app.

Create user lists and send exclusive newsletters. Do you have a promotion just for founder members? No problem!

Publish news directly on the website and the app from the control panel. Simple.

Social media
Manage, publish and share content on all your social media accounts without having to sign in to each one individually.

Has one of your users not attended for a couple of weeks? Automatically send them an e-mail to check if they are OK and update their loyalty score.

.... WOD Book?

Publish your WODs for each activity and choose when your users can see them (only if they turn up and have finished the class, only if they turn up or everybody can see it, etc.)

...Point of Sale?

This is your online cash register. Control your products, prices and discounts and sell more to generate new revenue.

Split the bill, chase up outstanding payments… Manage your drinks stock!


Automatic leaderboard with WOD results. Who is athlete of the day? Who has done a Fran in less than 2 minutes? And the best thing is that you can display it on any screen.

... Resapayments?

This is a way to charge your users with a single click.

It’s really very simple to use. Once your customers have entered their card details, they stay stored on the system (everything is completely secure and there’s no way that anyone else can use them).

That way, when they want to renew their membership or buy a t-shirt, you won’t have to look for change or the POS machine.