Crossfit WOD

6 WODs for CrossFit Beginners

Silvia Salinas 20/04/2021

If the words WOD, AMRAP or EMOM sound like Greek to you… You are in the right place! With our guide to WODs for beginners you will learn everything you need and be more than ready for your first CrossFit workout. Let’s start by the beginning. WOD is nothing more than the way that crossfitters […]

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Crossfit Games 2021

CrossFit Games 2021: Key dates and news

Silvia Salinas 09/03/2021

The CrossFit season kicks off! The wait has been long, but the CrossFit Games 2021 are back stronger than ever and with many, many news. The search for the fittest woman and man on earth begins with sorting surprises. And it does so with a totally new format, but one that promises more fun and, […]

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Food, the key to sporting success

Ana Zoroquiain 26/10/2020
diet tips

Without a doubt, diet is a key factor in maintaining good health Likewise, exercising regularly, whether professionally or amateurishly, helps maintain good health and prevent disease. When doing physical exercise, whatever it is, we spend a lot of energy, our body know it and asks us for an increase in nutrients. To satisfy this demand, […]

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Penalties for users who do not make their booking at your sports centre and much more

Ana Zoroquiain 26/10/2020
penalties software

We are in a difficult period for sports centres, with capacity restrictions in their facilities and activities. Even in some places, group activities that do not comply with the new restrictions have been cancelled, such as maintaining an adequate safety distance. In this situation, in which the option of booking a space in the gym, […]

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Online booking and capacity control, keys to the ‘new sporting normal’

Ana Zoroquiain 14/07/2020
capacity control Online booking

July, summer, good weather, who does not want to enjoy a swim in the pool and sunbathe, or go back to the gym to resume the ‘bikini operation’ that we have left forgotten during confinement? The return to the ‘new normal’ in the sports field requires a series of safety and hygiene measures, established by […]

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