5 Social Media ideas for your gym

Nov 14, 2023 | Gym marketing

One of the key factors for your gym’s success lies in keeping your community engaged and motivated. In this digital age, social media is a tool you shouldn’t overlook. Whether it’s through Instagram, Facebook, or online groups, these platforms offer you the opportunity to create a community around your gym.

However, despite being regular users of these platforms, we don’t always know how to manage them for our business. That’s why, at Resawod, we provide you with five content ideas for social media that you can start posting today.

Gym members

We understand that for those embarking on this type of training, the idea of stepping into a gym can be somewhat intimidating. Photos of athletes lifting heavy weights or performing long exercises can be daunting for someone who is just starting to exercise. However, you and I know that this is not the reality. The training we do in a gym is designed for everyone, regardless of their fitness level.

A great content idea for your social media is to showcase your gym as a place where ordinary people are striving to lead a healthier life. No athletes or elite sportspeople in this type of content, just “regular” people. You can post photos of gym members with a short biography, sharing how their lives have changed since they started coming to your gym.

Another option to feature your gym’s members is to highlight their small achievements. Has one of your members just achieved their first pull-up, something that once seemed impossible to them? Share their accomplishment and congratulate them.

By giving space to your members on your social media, you will not only strengthen the sense of community but also your personal connection with them.

Technique videos

Technique videos are a type of content that can help us demystify the movements and exercises of our discipline. Through them, we demonstrate our knowledge and position ourselves as experts in the eyes of our members.

But it’s not just that. We will also create useful content that can attract potential clients or people in the industry, establishing us as authorities.

Furthermore, these videos provide an opportunity to build a closer and more authentic relationship with our audience. By watching our coaches in action and listening to their advice, our members can feel more connected to our gym’s team.

Thus, they represent a valuable investment in our content strategy. They are not only a tool for teaching and empowering our members but also a powerful marketing tool. They position us as experts and strengthen our community.

Promotion of events and athletes

In this content idea, we will focus on a strategy that revolves around our athletes. In every gym, there’s an athlete, more or less professional, who registers for various competitions and trains for them. This type of content provides an opportunity to showcase our support for these athletes. We can share with our followers their upcoming competitions and the results they achieve.

We can also involve them in our content. For example, they could record a technique video or provide us with a testimonial, of course, whenever they are willing to do so.

In the same vein, another type of content we can work on is events. Whether we organize our own events or sponsor them directly, these are crucial moments for our community. Sharing details about these events on our social media encourages our followers to participate.


Challenges are a significant aspect of this discipline. In any gym, challenges are undertaken to help members surpass their limits and, equally important, to foster a sense of community. This type of content is particularly effective in keeping our members engaged and motivated.

Through our social media platforms, we can promote these challenges and encourage our followers to participate. Can they meet the challenge? Can they exceed their own expectations? It’s a way to keep our community engaged, motivated, and continuously growing.

Challenges, however, are not just for our current members. They are a perfect way to attract new followers and future members. When we share these challenges on our social media, we inspire others to join our community and take on the challenge.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is what your own members upload to social media in relation to your gym. This content is a valuable resource for strengthening the connection with your community. It provides a platform to give your members the spotlight by showcasing what they want to share.

This content allows for more authentic communication. Your members are the ones sharing their experiences from their own perspectives, making it more genuine and spontaneous. Moreover, it’s content that encourages interaction on your social media.

Therefore, whenever possible, make use of the content generated by your members. Highlighting your members, giving them a voice, and celebrating their achievements not only strengthens your community but also positions you as a place where self-improvement and success are the norm.

In the world of fitness, social media is much more than a platform for posting photos and videos. They are channels for inspiring, connecting, and strengthening communities. For gym owners, these social media content strategies offer the opportunity to build something more than just a business; a community.



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