Do you want to be a Crossfit coach? 4 fundamental aspects to consider

Jun 28, 2021 | WOD

Let us guess. You have been practicing Crossfit for a long time and you have become a fan of the sport. You enjoy each WOD so much that you can’t last another day without sharing this passion and everything you know about Crossfit with others. I know.

With this guide we are going to guide you in everything you need to take another step and get your long-awaited CrossFit Coach title. 

A word of warning before we start. If you expect us to tell you that training 4 days a week and feeling like it is enough… This is not your place.

W do not have a magic and easy formula to prepare you to be a coach. However, we are going to explain all the points to consider and that you must be clear before taking the exam. 

So that you don’t miss anything and how there is a lot of content, we have organized it into four fundamental pillars. Just below you have an index, but don’t get ahead of yourself, you don’t want to start the house from the roof.


We have always heard that what matters is quality and not quantity, and in this sport, you have to burn that phrase into your head. It doesn’t matter if you manage to do 10 pull ups or 15 air squats with a lot of weight. If the technique is not good, it will not count you any points in the exam and on top of that you will surely injure yourself.

Crush the technique of the exercises until you embroider it, if only so that you do not suspend as soon as you start. Because we already know that you think that the injury thing is not that importante.

That is why in Crossfit there are 4 different levels of certification when it comes to being a coach, ranging from level 1 (the most basic) to level 4 (only suitable for the pros).

Let’s see what they consist of:

CF-L1 Certificate

It is an introduction to Crossfit in general where you will learn the first basic movements (and their technique wink). It is the most basic course of all, anyone over 17 can do it.

The price of this certificate is €1,070. If you are clear that you want to present yourself now, take a look at the contents of the CrossFit Coach Level 1.

CF-L2 Certificate

In this course you will delve into everything you have learned in the previous level. Here you will learn how to guide the rhythm of a workout or how you must teach the exercises in a simple way.

The WOD should not be clear just in your head. Your students have to know how to make each move the first time. Yes! Even the one who has not done a burpee in his life.

To be able to do this course you must have the CF-L1 Certificate, and we also recommend having some experience as a coach in a box. Although it is not mandatory, it will come in handy.

Its price is the same as the previous level, €1,070. Here we also leave you the guide so as not to miss anything about how to be CrossFit Coach Level 2.

CF-L3 Certificate (Certified CrossFit Trainer)

To take this exam you have two options. If you have the titles of levels 1 and 2, you only need to prove that you have 750 hours as a Crossfit coach. 

Another way is by proving that you have exercised 1,500 hours in a Crossfit center. Regardless of whether you have previous degrees or not.

Before you start hyperventilating by reading the number of hours of experience you need, let us give you some good news. You can accumulate that experience during the last 5 years, either as a Crossfit group coach or individually.

That’s right, take a deep breath. It is not as impossible as it seems. Trust us (one more time laughing).

The price of this certificate is €1,400. And if you are a little lost about what content is included or how the exam is going to be, we leave you the official manual of the Certified CrossFit Trainer.

CF-L4 Certificate (Certfied CrossFit Coach)

This is something like the group of the elect. Only those who have all the previous qualifications come here, from level 1 to 3. To enter this elite, you must receive a final training that will be organized for a whole day and pass the final exam.

The price to enter the sky of the crossfitters is €2,400.

As we know that you are dying to examine yourself, we leave you here a map where you can see the CrossFit centers that teach these courses (CrossFit Courses).


Yes, we know that you have listened to us. You have learned the technique of all the movements to perfection. And you have started to explain how they are made to your whole family, too.

You are half a Crossfit trainer. You can’t know who of your students, no matter how much you repeat the explanation 50 times, is going to get injured. Because it’s going to happen, be clear about it. Not even Dave Castro himself has a clean record.

That is why we recommend that you take out insurance for coaches. Because, even if it is not your fault, you do not have X-rays to see how the student’s muscles work in each push-up he does. You are the professional and it depends on you in a certain way.

Let us make a recommendation, stop messing around and find an insurance that suits your need and your classes.

At first you will think that it is a foolish expense. But your pocketbook is going to call you foolish when instead of paying the insurance monthly, you must pay compensation.


Your dream is to be a Crossfit coach. Yes! Now what kind? Coach for adults or children? Do you want to take your own group, or do you prefer to do it individually? Will you work for a single gym, will you set up your own, or will you be freelance?

We got you, huh? You haven’t even seen where they came from… Don’t worry, we told you that we were going to give you all the keys and that’s how it will be. As they say, ugly but nice smile.

The first thing you have to be clear about is whether you want to work for other people or want to be the boss of you box (besides being nice, funny).

A) Trainer in a gym or box

The safest option is to be a coach in a box itself or in a gym that has Crossfit classes. From 8 to 5, in the same place. You look? Stop reading. Take off the title. And check the CrossFit page for the complete list of affiliated gyms to know where you have to go putting your CV. 

B) Autonomous trainer

If what you are looking for is freedom, another option that we propose is that you become freelance and close agreements with several gyms or boxes of certain daily or weekly classes.

You have the best of both world. A few hours of closed work a week without losing the freedom to look for some more when you feel like it. Or the possibility of closing classes on weekends in the city next door. Besides working, you travel. What else do you want?

C) Coach and boss at the same time

If you keep reading it is because you are going to live on the edge, so much so that you are thinking of setting up your own Crossfit box. I’m wrong?

We are nice, funny and sincere. We don’t like to lie, setting up your own box is going to be difficult.  However, undertaking is something that is carried in the blood as being from Rayo Vallecano, Betis or Osasuna. It is undertaken by a feeling. No matter how much it makes us suffer, the joys it gives us make up for any effort.

Our recommendation is that, in order to apply for the title of coach, you need to investigate everything you have to take into account to create your own brand. Something very important is deciding if you want your gym to be part of the official crossfit family. Here we leave you all the requirements to join CrossFit.

Another thing you have to think about is what software are you going to use to manage your users. Coincidences of life! We have one, Resawod, that doesn’t work bad at all .

If you are thinking of setting up your own box or if you already have it, but if you feel lost with the management of a crossfit box. Let us help you! Ask us for a demo and you will see how much easier it is than you think.


Today there are as many crossfit coaches as there are car models. For this reason, and while you are doing numbers to see if you start setting up your own box or not, we recommend that you specialize.

This world is so big that you can specialize in almost everything you can imagine. We leave you a list of disciplines. Surely there is more than one that catches your attention:

There are also many courses that you can take to be a true Crossfit pro regardless of whether you specialize or not. If you want to know more, reserve your exclusive content now.

What do you think of our recommendations? Do you know any more? Tell us in the comments which level you have decided on and, if you have encouraged to set up your own box, invite us!

One last thing … If you get overwhelmed by so much information, here we leave you the WODs of the CrossFit Games 2020 so you can relax a bit by training .

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