Facebook Ads: attract new users to your gym

Jun 6, 2022 | Gym marketing

We all know about Google Ads, but what about Facebook Ads? It is a tool that many centres don’t know about but it can be key when it comes to attracting new users to your gym. We explain what it is, its benefits and why you should include it in your marketing strategy. We’ll also give you some tips on how to design an effective digital strategy.

What is Facebook Ads and why is the key for your gym?

If you want to advertise your sports centre and have a good reach, Facebook Ads is the tool you are looking for.

Not only will it allow you to design a successful branding campaign, but you will reach many more people. As you may well know, Facebook brings together millions of people who connect on a daily basis and this platform is perfect for attracting the attention of its users.

It’s digital tools available will enable you to use different digital marketing resources to promote your gym and advertise your quality fitness centre. Also, as Instagram belongs to Facebook, you will be able to use both networks from Facebook Ads, increasing your reach.

Facebook for fitness works with ads that are shown to the audience you define. This way, adverts will only show to people who meet the characteristics you have selected, which, logically, will belong to users who are interested in sports.

This will make it much easier to attract customers. This process is called segmentation. The platform itself is responsible for applying filters to select the audience that meets your requirements.

You will be able to regularly promote adverts in different formats. They will be visible in the news section of the main wall, stories, reels and other channels of the Facebook platform. You have the option of including banners, infographics, photos and videos, among other resources.

All of them will have a CTA (Call To Action) so that users can go to your website, contact you or whatever you decide.

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Benefits of advertising your gym on Facebook Ads

As mentioned above, by targeting the advertising will be personalised and will only reach those users who are interested in signing up to a sports centre like yours. As this information can be shared, you can use the same targeting for Facebook and Instagram.

Think that, really, the goal of digital advertising is to show that your gym cares about offering the best services. That’s why we recommend that you always put yourself in the hands of professionals, who will be able to help you run profitable advertising campaigns.

You must understand that advertising on Facebook Ads for gyms is not just about hitting the promote button on the post. It is about creating campaigns through Facebook’s ad manager. Our recommendation as experts is that you open a Facebook Business Manager account so you can upload a database of contacts and start shaping your audience on this platform.

How to create effective advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads for your gym?

We know that, especially if you have never worked with this type of advertising before, you may find it a little confusing. So, we will explain below how to easily implement advertising strategies on Facebook Ads.

1- Segment your gym’s audience

We explained before what segmentation is. Because of its importance in reaching your target audience, you should define it before you advertise. This way, your advertising will be more cost-effective.

You should research, among other things, age range, geographic area, interests and gender in order to form a strategy that fits your target audience. With this tool you will not waste your time with people who are not interested in your centre.


2- Set out the objectives of your campaigns

Facebook Ads will compare data from users’ profiles on the platform to recognise which users are likely to be interested in your gym’s advertising campaigns.

That is why you need to set pre-determined objectives.


2.1- Types of Facebook Ads campaign objectives for a gym

  • Recognition approach and objectives: The aim is to create interest in your brand by adding advantages of your sports centre so that customers remain loyal or your gym expands its membership.
  • Consideration approach: The aim is that you use strategies to get customers interested in your sports centre. So, you will have to work on the traffic of visitors to your website; interact to find out what members expect from your gym or what their opinions are about the centre; answer any questions that may arise or create an app.
  • Conversion approach: The mission is to close subscriptions to products or services, as well as to enable direct contact with users who want to join your gym. So, this objective of Facebook ads for gyms will lead them directly to your website to sign up. You can also include incentives for them to visit your centre and find out what it is like.


3- Create videos related to your gym

Without a doubt, videos are the format with which you will attract the most attention to your box.

This type of marketing will make these people feel more familiar with your gym. Our recommendation is that they are as natural as possible, spontaneity will make the audience empathise and be more interested in your content.

On the other hand, try not to make them very long videos and, if possible, that they can be watched without having the volume on. If this is not possible, add subtitles.

In conclusion, now that you know everything you need to advertise your gym on Facebook Ads, all you need to do is find a professional you trust and start designing your gym’s advertising strategy together.

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