10 Gym Email Marketing Ideas to Use in 2024

Jan 11, 2024 | Gym marketing

Are you wondering if it’s worth diving into an email marketing plan for your gym? Well, let me tell you, it is, and for good reasons! Turns out, 83% of people prefer to receive emails from the companies they engage with. And in the fitness world, the email open rate stands at a solid 19%, surpassing the general average.

So, you know, gym email marketing sounds like a smart move  in this 2024. And to make it even easier for you, the Resawod team has prepared 10 brilliant ideas that you’ll definitely want to try. Ready to boost your communication with your gym members?

Do gyms need email marketing?

We’ve looked at the data, and yes, gyms definitely need to dive into email campaigns. Even if you’re thinking, “Does my gym really need this?” the answer is still a resounding yes. Gyms, even as part of a chain, retain that personal touch and sense of community between staff and clients. For smaller businesses like gyms, emails are an easy and effective way to stay connected with their clients. Why? Because in the fitness world, connection is key.

Now, if you’re thinking of venturing into the world of gym email marketing, don’t worry, we’re here to help you succeed! Here are the basic rules:

    • Impactful Subject: Your subject should be like a magnet, something that grabs attention and makes your clients want to open that email. Or if you prefer, be direct and descriptive – that works too!
    • Play with the Preview: Don’t underestimate the power of the preview. Add context to your subject, be even more descriptive, or personalize it so your clients feel like you’re talking directly to them.
    • Natural Storytelling: When you write, imagine you’re telling a story to a friend. Start with the introduction, move on to the heart of the matter, and end with a resolution. Keep it natural and authentic.
    • Friendly Paragraphs: Break your ideas into paragraphs. Help your clients scan the content and understand what it’s about before diving into the reading. Plus, it makes reading on mobiles much easier.
    • Relevance Above All: Don’t flood the inbox just because. Ensure that each email has something useful, something the person wants to know or use. This way, they’ll always open your emails, just in case there’s something interesting!


10 Gym Email Marketing Ideas to Use in 2024

By the time you reach this line, you should be convinced of the importance of creating an gym email marketing plan . But what to write about? It’s best to design an email marketing plan and send emails to your clients based on their stage in your gym. In case you don’t know where to start or if you already have one and want to update it for 2024, we present you with 10 email ideas that are sure to stand out in your gym.

  1. Welcome Email: When a new member joins your gym, don’t forget to send them a welcome email. This is your chance to give them an official welcome and provide all the key information they’ll need in your gym, from passwords and schedules to rules. Make sure they feel comfortable and ready to get started. Many gyms overlook this step, but don’t underestimate the power of an informed and motivated start!
  2. First Day of Class Email: An email before the first class is your opportunity to give a warm welcome to newcomers and be supportive at this crucial moment. Provide details about what to expect in their first session, how to prepare, and any useful advice. Reinforce excitement and motivation from the beginning, making their first experience unforgettable!
  3. After the First Day of Class Email: After your members have put in sweat and effort in their first class at your gym, send them an email. Thank them for coming, ask how they felt, and offer some recovery advice. This post-training attention will build a stronger connection with your fitness community, especially if you work with drop-ins.
  4. Class Schedules and Appointment Reminders: Don’t let your clients miss out on the action! Send reminders for reserved activities, scheduled classes, and the overall plan. Keep your clients in the loop, informing them about what matters most: the activities that help them reach their goals.
  5. General Fitness Education and News: Keep your community informed and motivated. Provide tips on training, nutrition, and well-being. Keep your members updated on the latest trends and news that will help them stay focused on their goals.
  6. Fitness Milestone Emails: Celebrate every victory of your members with goal achievement emails. Whether they achieve a new lifting record or complete a certain number of classes, send personalized congratulations to motivate them to keep pushing themselves.
  7. Special Offers and Promotions: Special Offers and Promotions emails are key to maintaining enthusiasm. Whether it’s discounts on memberships, special events, or exclusive promotions, keep the excitement alive and members engaged.
  8. Special Activities and Social Activities: Inform about events, themed classes, or social activities at the gym. Foster connection among your members, making the fitness experience more than just training.
  9. Referral Request and Feedback: Encourage your members to invite friends and family and ask for their personal feedback, both in reviews and other formats. This email can be a powerful tool for gym growth and continuous improvement. If you’re not yet aware of the importance of obtaining reviews for your gym, don’t miss our article.
  10. Gym Member Success Stories: Share inspiration with success stories from your gym members through your email. Highlight the achievements and transformations of your clients. This not only motivates others but also builds a sense of community and pride among your members.


In conclusion, gym email marketing is not only an effective tool to keep your members engaged but also the key to building a strong community and emotionally connecting with your clients. By implementing these ideas into your strategy for 2024, you’ll not only keep your members informed but also cultivate an environment where motivation and success flourish. So, go ahead! Make your gym stand out this year with email marketing campaigns that not only inform but also inspire and strengthen the bonds with your valuable fitness community. Train hard and triumph!

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