Everything you need to set up your own cross training box

Have you just set up a cross training business, are you about to do so, or do you have the idea of setting up a cross training business soon? Our goal is to help you ensure the success of your business and to help you gain loyal customers. Therefore, in this article we will give you information on everything you need to set up your box, as well as advice on the monetary investment you need to make.

What is needed to set up a box?

As with any new business, the proper management of cross training centres is far from simple. Therefore, our advice is to take things slowly and plan all these details. 

1. Create an attractive brand

The creation of a well-designed logo will help your customers identify with your company and it will also transmit trust. Of course, this will also be a very positive factor for your box, as it will convey a strong and easily recognisable identity.

2. Get all opening permits and licenses in order for your box

You will require certain permits to be able to open your centre legally. Be sure you take out the necessary insurance and pay all the mandatory fees, as well as all doing the paperwork required to set up your facility as a cross training centre. 

3. Find suitable retail space

Study which area is the best for your centre and discard those areas where businesses do not succeed because of a poor location or too much competition, for example. We advise you to analyse the visibility of the retail space, the parking available or the proximity to public transport, whether you need to do a lot or a little renovation, and whether you prefer to buy or rent.

4. Give you sports space a personalised feel

It is important that the branding of your business be visible, which is why we recommend that you work on the adaptation of your indoor and outdoor facilities. A sign at the main entrance to your box with your logo and brand will be the first thing that entices people to become interested in your business. The interior of the facilities must be conditioned so that it is neither too hot nor too cold and you must focus on aesthetic and functional value, both in the training rooms and in the changing rooms and toilets. 

Arrange the spaces to include a separation for a reception area, an office (one at least), as well as a resting area for the members of your centre. If you are going to set aside a place to promote products related to cross training, you should also take this into account in order to create a specific area for this department. 

5. Choose quality materials and calculate the right quantity

Obviously you should be the one to decide on the construction elements to be used in your retail space, but as far as the material of the floor is concerned, rubber is ideal and recommended for your customers’ safety. When it comes to ropes, dumbbells, weights, etc., you should buy the number needed so that no one is left without materials for training. Having said that, take care not to overload the space.

6. Hire only sector professionals

If you want to have happy customers, focus only on building a professional and highly qualified team to meet all your members’ needs. In addition, take care to train them to be friendly, kind, and positive, as well as requiring them to work consistently with their teammates. 

7. Create a management system

You are surely aware of the convenience that apps have to offer. Having a cross training management system is a resource that is both practical and easy to use for employees and customers. It will help you to streamline multiple tasks and personalise your service.

8. Spend time advertising your box

It’s not about spending all your time on social media, but you should be active so that users share your information and, in turn, you can expand more efficiently. You can also opt for merchandising, both for customers and for people who come to your facilities to request information. 

What financial investment do you need to make?


Investing in a business of this type requires knowledge on many aspects in order to recover your money over time. We cannot give you an exact number for your investment because costs are highly variable and depend on several factors. What we can do is show you some of the most important factors for you to consider:

    • The monthly rent and security deposit or, if you decide to buy the retail space, the total amout of the purchase.
    • The costs of adapting your establishment.
    • All the equipment for your new box.
    • Complementary items such as computers and music equipment.
    • Daily cleaning service, water, electricity, gas, and internet.
    • Employee wages.

In conclusion, setting up a cross training business requires effort, sacrifice, and knowledge of the particularities of this sector in order to succeed. However, we hope that with the information provided above, you will rise above the competition and achieve absolute success. Don’t forget that we are at your disposal to help you create a customised management system for your centre.

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