Functionalities of Resawod to help retain users in your box

Apr 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Designing strategies to help retain your members is not easy. However, in an industry with such high turnover as fitness, it becomes necessary to implement strategies that help us to retain our customers.

In this sense, it is important to have the right tools, as implementing these strategies and executing them manually can become impossible and turn against us.

Let’s take a closer look at what retention is and how we can improve the retention of our box.

What is user retention in a box?

Acquiring a new user is up to seven times more expensive than retaining one who is already with us. Therefore, it is very important to work on our retention rate, which will show us how much loyalty we have from our current users.

If we read the dictionary, to retain means “to prevent something from leaving, moving, being eliminated, or disappearing.” Therefore, retaining customers in our box is essentially about preventing our customers from disappearing.

Formula for calculating the retention rate

[(End users – new users)/initial users] *100

How can we improve the retention of users in our box?

Whether the result of the formula is positive or negative, you will need to consider actions to improve and/or maintain the retention of your box.

Within these actions, there are three key ones:

  1. Customer service
  2. Sense of community
  3. Clear communication

If we attend to these three pillars within our retention strategy, we will be on the right track. Thus, we should consider various actions that help us improve customer service, the sense of community, and communication.

1. Customer service

Making the customer feel valued and heard is one of the keys to retention. If their experience is simple, fast, and effective, their satisfaction with your box will likely be high. Making reservations, payments, communicating with you… all of this will help to ensure excellent customer service.

2. Sense of community

If there is one thing that this discipline has, it is that despite being a fundamentally individual exercise, you are never alone, and the group plays an important role in all box classes. Feeling part of a community of “crossfitters” as well as feeling part of the community of your particular box will increase your retention.

3. Clear communication.

Both the user’s ease of contacting you and the constant relevant communication that you have with them play an important role. Closely linked to customer service, clear communication will help with user retention. Thus, news, emails, personal messages… everything plays a big role.

Resawod functionalities to improve user retention in your box

At Resawod, we know the importance of retention in every box. Acquiring new clients is not always easy, which is why retention takes on a special role. That’s why our box management software offers specific functionalities to improve your retention rate:

  • Auto-renewal.

A client who has to manually renew their subscription is more likely to consider leaving than one who renews automatically. Our auto-renewal feature makes the user experience smoother and more convenient, which can increase retention.

  • In-app messaging.

As we mentioned before, communication plays a significant role in retention. With Resawod, you can send personal messages directly to your users from their mobile app.

  • Email.

Having automated emails, as well as being able to send scheduled and segmented newsletters according to customer type, will help you maintain that fluid communication with your users, improving your retention. •

  • News.

With our news bulletin board, you can create simple communications that your users will see in their mobile app. It is the ideal place to communicate your offers, promotions, events, competitions, even articles from your blog. With this, you will reinforce the sense of community.

  • Reports.

With our reports, you can not only calculate the retention formula but also extract data and identify people who may be at risk of leaving, to take action with them and avoid their departure, as well as identify which people go to your gym the most.

  • WOD and PR’s.

With our WOD module, you can apply gamification, one of the best strategies to retain your clients. If you don’t know what gamification is, we recommend reading this article (link). With the WOD module, you can not only put the WODs of the classes, but your users can also upload their results and enter into a healthy competition with their peers.

  • Integrated social media management.

Thanks to our integration with Metricool, from Resawod, you can manage all your social media from the same platform. Social media plays a fundamental role in both the sense of community and fluid communication with your users. That’s why it should be a channel that you take into account, and we make it easy for you by integrating it into your Resawod management platform.

  • Additional services.

From Resawod, it is effortless to offer additional services to your clients, such as special classes, talks, or even physiotherapy or nutrition. Having these complementary services in your box will help you improve the loyalty of your clients, as they will see more offers and a more complete experience.

  • Online subscription and bonus purchase.

Related to the first point of the pillars we mentioned earlier, customer service, the online purchase of subscriptions and bonuses will improve the fluidity of the main management that a client must perform, significantly improving their experience.

As you can see in Resawod, we take very seriously the saying that “acquiring a customer costs 10 times more than retaining one you already have.” That’s why we offer our clients multiple features that help them retain their users. Because the user experience is also part of our job.

If you’ve made it this far, you can’t leave without us showing you live all the Resawod features to retain users in your box. Request your free demo now.

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