Gamification: the tool to build user loyalty in your gym

Jun 20, 2022 | Gym management

Gyms like establishments in any business sector, are constantly evolving. Every day they offer more and more options for customers to combine fun and effectiveness in their workouts. In order for your business to stand out from the competition and gain recognition, in this article we will explain what gamified fitness is and what its main advantages are.

What is gamification for gyms?

If you want to update your offer to reach a wider audience, your gym cannot be outdated. It has to provide options so that, in addition to training, users have fun and boost their motivation. Undoubtedly, gamification is perfect to achieve these results.

We could define this concept as a set of loyalty tools that help to make the most of any space used for sport. Using technology based on games and challenges is the key to generating customer experiences and reinforcing their desire to continue working out in your gym.

By monitoring members’ heart rates and installing multiple screens in the areas reserved for classes, your centre’s coaches will have an easier time monitoring performance. Also, engagement will be more effective as members will be able to use this resource dynamically by visualising their metrics.

As we have already mentioned, the key lies in motivation, and if it is created through competition, it will be reinforced even more. This is the big secret to engaging your customers and improving retention rates. As you can see, with gamified fitness, your business will keep moving forward and on the right path to success.

Many customers set their own unique goals in sports. Other people, on the other hand, go to gyms or sports centres simply to do some exercise and have a good time. This is why you can focus on improving the experience and building customer loyalty with games and challenges. By reaching the set goals, for example, using the same cardio machine, they will be able to redeem their results for bonuses. Exchanging their achievements for services is a good incentive to keep going.

What is the main advantage of gamification in gyms?

As mentioned above, gamification increases motivation and performance. It is not so much the ultimate outcome of the workout that matters. Gamification is not only limited to the gym, but accompanies customers 24 hours a day. This is why it is growing year after year due to its positive results.

By using this set of technologies, your centre’s digital marketing will also be more effective, as well as cost-effective. Just think that when members share their results or challenges on social media, your brand will increase its recognition and more people will be interested in doing that exercise.

Types of game systems for gamified gyms

In order to get members involved and to improve your relationship with them, there are several motivation and loyalty strategies. For example, implementing a points systems to accumulate points. You can also create competitions between members to exercise while playing to see who finishes first or with the best results.

What you need to be clear about is that gamification apps for gyms are divided according to their objectives. But they are all aimed at preventing sedentary lifestyles. Here are some of the types of apps that are of particular interest to users.

Gamification focused on heart rate

This apps provide results based on your heart rate. This way, each member will have their points recorded and will be rewarded for every minute they exercise. Each machine will award certain points, and will also set the work intensity.

Applications focused on the number of steps

With this apps the challenges consist of walking a certain number of steps per day. This creates competitions and challenges in different areas, depending on the characteristics of the participants. In this way, you will also motivate users to come to your gym to get as many steps as possible.

How to apply gamification in your gym?

With this system you will have access to very interesting data about your customers, such as how often they come to the centre or what services they have contracted, apart from the monthly fee. This way, you can always analyse the situation and create new experiences to reinforce loyalty and avoid churn.

Here are the 3 basic steps to gamify your gym:

1- Analyze your gym’s objectives

Before implementing these gamification systems, you must define your objectives and the deadline for achieving them. Some of the objectives you can set yourself are:

  • Increase the visibility of your gym on social networks
  • Increase the number of users in the centre
  • Increase user retention in summer

Gamification will help you to decide what specific actions each member must take to achieve their rewards.

2- Expand the information

Let your customers know that this new service is already available at your centre.To do this, you can use social networks or digital communication channels. The most important thing is that you encourage them to participate in the challenges and competitions you organise. The more users know what they are about and what rewards they can win, the more they will want to participate.

3- Create a list of attractive prizes for your gym users

Each person is different and not all objectives are the same for each customer.  To make the experience a total success, make a list of prizes with discounts or interesting services for different user profiles you have. This way, each of your members will be able to choose the one that interests them the most and make an effort to reach the necessary points to enjoy the prize.

In conclusion, gamification gives your gym an innovative vision. Another way to innovate in your gym and give users added value is to use an app to manage your gym. With it, you can simplify day-to-day tasks and build user loyalty.

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